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Justin Bieber Banned From Doing Live Interviews

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is a shithead of epic proportions, but thankfully his people are smart enough to recognize that and they’re getting ahead of the curve when it comes to Justin promoting his new material. Basically, because he’s such an unpredictable asshole, all of his appearances (TV shows and radio included) have to be pre-recorded so they can approve and edit things before they go live. Lest we forget the great deposition disaster of 2014:

LOL to that. Here’s the scoop from Page Six:

Spies tell Page Six that Bieber’s doing no live interviews, only taped ones, to cut down on any potential controversy. On Monday he came to the studio for Elvis Duran’s Z100 show to tape an interview that will air Friday.

“Justin’s people are so terrified of him speaking live, they’re doing everything pretaped,” a source told us. Bieber’s also taping “The Tonight Show” while in town, to air Sept. 2. He’ll perform on MTV’s VMAs on Sunday, and insiders say he’ll also perform on the “Today” concert series on Sept. 10.

Well, that’s special. Is he really that much of a basketcase? I mean, I know he’s a dickhead, but he’s managed to hold it together to apologize/talk about what a changed man he is at every turn, so I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Then again, I suppose those appearances were pre-taped, as well, so that’s that.

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  • Hahah he is acting like the guy is asking about his personal love life like it’s some magazine intervoew what a retard.. he is clearly trying to confirm a past statement made to a former friend. Not the interviewers fault it happens to be an ex gf..