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Gwyneth Paltrow Didn’t Know “Conscious Uncoupling” Would Be A Thing

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We all remember that fateful day late last year when Gwyneth Paltrow announced via her lifestyle website, Goop, that she and husband Chris Martin had decided upon a “conscious uncoupling” – or in regular people talk, a divorce. The term was so pretentious and dramatic and so Gwyneth that it became a big thing online. Only Gwyneth never planned on that because she didn’t even title the post. Oops!

From Fast Company:

“When I announced that I was separating on the website, [Loehnen] titled the piece ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ and I had no idea,” Paltrow says. The Internet erupted in a swarm of jokes—and Paltrow knows that such moments can be a little scary for her staff. “When something like that happens, I think everybody is like, ‘Oh, shit,’?” she says. “I just tell them that I think we are creating interesting discussions.”

Paltrow also defends Loehnen for having written the vaginal-steaming piece. “This is a thousands-of-years-old practice in Korean spas,” she says. (Loehnen stands by the recommendation, too. “It feels good, it’s not ­harmful—it’s not like we’re urging people to go out and buy AK-47s,” she says.)

So, she’s not all THAT involved in the hands-on aspect of Goop. That’s understandable – she’s a busy lady: a mom, an actress, an entrepreneur (LOL), etc. How on earth does she find the time?!

“I’m at Goop every day,” Paltrow tells me in Chicago. “It’s my main job. I’ve made commitments to people and I’ve taken their money, so I’m going do everything in my power to make sure that the brand scales.”

Paltrow’s relative absence from the big screen has left some wondering if her passion for film is waning. But Paltrow refutes the idea that she can only have one career. “I’m a big believer in the ampersand,” she says. “I don’t see it as I’m leaving something behind, I see it as this year I probably won’t make a movie or I probably won’t do a TV show or a play, and I’ll focus on the business. It’s our tendency to want to put women in one little category,” she continues, making a pinching gesture with her hand. “That’s where we like them.”

God, Gwyneth Paltrow is always going to be the worst, isn’t she?

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