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Miley’s New MAC Ad: Hell Yes Or God No?

miley cyrus MAC viva glam

Miley Cyrus stopped making out with her girlfriend long enough to debut a new ad with MAC Cosmetics for their Viva Glam collection (above). MAC posted the ad on Facebook along with this enthusiastic description:

Miley Cyrus is BACK with a BAM! Our iconic VIVA GLAM spokesperson has two new surefire hits: a super-sexy bright orange Lipstick and coordinating Lipglass with sparkling pearl shimmer. Get the GLAM online and in stores starting in September 2015.

Less enthusiastic are many of the Facebook comments. Feast your eyes on such gems as:

What a put down for my favorite…. To use Miley Cyrus as a spokesman for their products… I am soooo disappointed!


Glam? Really? I don’t think that word describes Miley Cyrus AT ALL!


U can’t put glam and her in the same sentence it’s just wrong

And even:

I love that MAC does this campaign, and I understand the need for young, relevant celebrities, but couldn’t you have at least made her wear something non-skanky? She’s gotten sooo bad she’s a disgrace to her generation. It’s sad really, she was a talented girl who will now only ever be known as a nasty, tongue-happy skank-wad.

“Tongue-happy skank-wad” is a new one for me. Never heard that one before. Points for creativity!

So, ladies and gents, what do you think: is this a “hell yes” or a “God no”?

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  • I have no issues with the add… what I do have issue on is the hate Miley gets… wtf? the girl is doing what she wants and helping people with her charity…. but people keep hating on her because she isn’t cookie cutter taylor swift? I started out like Hannah montana goody two shoe and then started smoking weed and hanging with the lgbt community, so I feel Miley is a star that’s real and isn’t afraid to show it, she’s hot and it’s a makeup campaign… are people really going to stop buying that brand of makeup just because they used Miley to pull in new consumers? I don’t think so

    • I know, I’ve seen so many comments hating on her, and the names people are calling her are outrageous!! I still like her, cause at least she seems legit!!

  • Whenever I see a picture of her and that mouth, I always hear the Mr. Ed theme song in my head….. “A horse is a horse of course of course!” That’s about as deep as she goes.

    Meh on the ad.

    • You are my new hero. I am surprised by MAC’s choosing her for anything to do with their products. Edgy is one thing. White-trashy is another. I loved what another commenter said, too! The top name in cosmetics is now being represented by “….a tongue-wagging, skank-wad…” Yay!