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Tom Hanks Still Hasn’t Told His Son Chet To STFU

chet hanks

OH GOD WHY?! Why won’t Tom Hanks‘ son Chet just shut the hell up already? Why hasn’t Tom told him to? Why hasn’t Rita Wilson told him to? Why hasn’t Chet told HIMSELF to? WHY IS CHET STILL TALKING? This is, I’m pretty sure, the question still on everyone’s mind given the controversy surrounding Chet’s incessant insistence that the word “nigga” is his to use and anyone who disagrees is a hater or racist (despite the fact that many of the people who disagree are indeed black). It’s hip hop culture, man! What do YOU know!

After that whole thing, Chet decided to get wild and destroy is London hotel room after causing over £1,200 worth of damage. Cops had to be called and they want to talk to Chet, who dipped out before they could get to him. So once Chet got back to LA, TMZ caught up with him and wanted to know what his problem is and whether or not his parents love him enough to smack some sense into his stupid ass. The short answer? Eh… 

“My parents are just like making sure I’m good, they don’t really tell me what to do anymore because I’m grown. They just be making sure I’m happy and safe, that’s all.”

“My parents, they be like telling me to stay off social media period. Even before this happened, they’d be like ‘Don’t be on Instagram so much’ but like they’re the old generation, they don’t get it. We’re the new generation, we do things differently now. You’re either gonna get it, or you’re not gonna get it.”

Oh, and as for whether or not he’s learned anything about his choice of words, that’s a negatory:

“I do have black friends that use it with me and I use it with them.”


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  • It’s very very simple. If blacks can say “Nigga” then whites can too. End of story. It isn’t “racist”.
    It’s racist if you’re black and , by virtue of your skin color, I lynch you and you hang from an old oak tree.
    The use of “Nigga” will not be racist unless both races are equally discouraged from using it. They are not, so the moral, racial, or whatever high ground you think you’re employing in that “pointy blonde head of yours” (my favorite new saying) is null, void, and irrelevant. Have a great weekend, hmmmkay?

    • Hey, Muttley, your comment is as lame as your website. Might as well shutter both the site and your big mouth. Nothing of value in either of them. It is pretty much universally understood that the word is a derogatory tem when used by non blacks. You may not understand this, being from outside the U.S., but I assure you that you would not be happy with the outcome if you were to say it to a black man in the southern U.S. states. I suggest you take your next vacation there, and give it a try.

      • I’m glad you made my point for me. Thanks. Anyhow if one race can use the term and the other can not, it is, by definition, racists. This issue is bi-directional. Not that I’m saying this Chet fella is any good, on the right track, or whatever. Meanwhile, please fill out this hurt feelings report and send it back to me. Moreover, pass on a copy to Obama-mama and he’ll consider your grievance.

      • This jerk isn’t even FROM here?! I’m ashamed of myself for wasting my snark on this turd! Nothing he says means anything. Buh-bye.

  • That Mutley nutley commenting guy is using the same old, dusty argument that empty-headed white people have been making for decades…..I don’t see him or any other repetitious dumb-ass dashing off to prove their point to a bunch of black guys. Go ahead, stupid. I dare you. Walk up to some black people and start “Nigga this, nigga that.” What’s the worst that can happen? Fox News will lose another viewer, I guess. The point my “pointy grey head” is making is WHY white people (who were brought up right) don’t use the “N” word. Whenever we say it, it has been/is now/ and probably always will be coming from a position of mutually understood power and privilege. It’s a racist’s way of letting John Doe black guy know (in a subtle and cowardly way) who REALLY does hold the keys to the kingdom. That over-privileged Hanks brat is a racist, hmmmkay?

    • I’m delighted that you made no sense whatsoever. Attempting to dissect your ramblings would prove as insane as they are. I wonder, did you get As in College Math?

      Methinks not.

      Have a great day!

      • Not sure why there was no “reply” link on your response to my comment, so I will say my piece here.
        Exactly what point do you believe I made for you, that you are delusional? In your original comment, you said it was not racist. In your reply to my comment you said it was, and implied that had been your original opinion.
        There is no need for me to fill out ANY form, since my feelings were not hurt. I was merely pointing out your error.
        This will be my last comment on the matter, since you seem to have lost touch with reality, and I have better things to do.

      • Yep. Graduated with honors, by the way. I’m sorry my answer was too complicated (i.e. big words) for you to grasp. Methinks that the dickhead protests too much. You “get it”. Like most angry white guys, you just don’t “want it.” So, go ahead and bark, little dog. The caravan is stilling passing on by…..that’s from Aesop’s fables. Google it. Have a great day!

  • Chet for the love of the English language, please shut up. All this ‘like’ and ‘my parents be telling me’ is making you look like you’re running on about 5IQ points less than the average Kardashian.