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Sarah Palin Brings Lena Dunham Into Josh Duggar’s Molestation Scandal

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Why am I not surprised that Sarah Palin would a) defend Josh Duggar being a sexual predator b) try to make the issue about something else entirely by going for a “liberal” to distract from the real issue? That’s indeed what’s happened, however. You see, Sarah thinks it’s bad of us to condemn the Duggars for their deplorable behavior when Lena Dunham ostensibly molested her younger sister as a child.

I’m just going to embed Palin’s entire Facebook post here, because it’s pretty lengthy and oh, believe you me, it’s worth reading:


Posted by Sarah Palin on Thursday, 4 June 2015

A few observations/comments now that we’ve all made it through that:

1. Lena Dunham IS deplorable. What she did was not only completely unacceptable, but the fact that she found it “story-worthy” and an endearing anecdote to put in her memoir is disturbing. I cannot stand Dunham (for more than that reason, but that’s a MAJOR one) and I do believe what she did counts as sexual abuse.

2. That being said, Dunham’s behavior literally has zero to do with Josh Duggar’s. They don’t know one another, they’ve never met, they’re not in the same circle… I mean, what? Only Palin could turn what is an issue that affects EVERYONE into a political one. She should be ashamed of herself, but I feel like we should know by now that’s not a feeling she’s capable of.

3. The reason everyone is going after Josh Duggar – who, let’s be clear, is a SERIAL OFFENDER who continued to commit these acts of pedophilia, molestation, and incest over a NUMBER of years and seemingly thought it was funny – AND his family is because the family is in this together. Not only did they do nothing to protect their daughters – HIS VICTIMS – but they did everything to conceal what he did from everyone and have consistently lied about it since. It’s disgusting.

4. Just because Dunham did something terrible doesn’t preclude Josh Duggar from doing something terrible or anyone else, either. There’s room enough for more than one asshole in this world. Palin’s entire Republican party proves that on a daily basis. You know, if you want to make it about politics.


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  • A MAJOR difference between Lena Dunham and Josh Duggar is that she was 6 years old when she was curious about her sister.. 6 year olds are children. She wasn’t being sexual. Josh was 14. at 14 you damn well know you shouldn’t touch your sisters and your a creep. He did it while they were sleeping and he did it for a sexual purpose.

    • She was six years old in ONE story. In others, she’s older, she talks about masturbating next to her sister and bribing her to let her touch her. She REFERS TO HERSELF as a child molester.

  • Well, you know, one thing I’d like to point out is that Palin is reverse confirming the severity of the accusations against Josh Duggar. If Lena is a pedophile, predator and a pervert, as the Palins are pointing out, then on the flipside, so is Josh Duggar. So, it’s kind of a bad point to make if you’re trying to defend people who made mistakes as ‘youths’ and have since tried to correct their ways, as the Palins and Duggars are trying to say. So that’s my only point: that this is a bad argument…if what you’re really trying to do is defend Josh Duggar. But, from seeing how the Palin’s operate, the more likely point they’re trying to make, if any, is how liberals and conservatives are treated differently. To be honest, I hate both liberals and conservatives. They’re each ‘holier than thou’ in different and annoying ways so for someone like me, it’s great to just sit back and watch them go at it.

  • Isn’t Bristol Palin the slut who had a bastard child out of ‘ho-ly wedlock? Isn’t Sarah Palin the uneducated, neglecting mother who abandoned her role of raising her daughter to stay a virgin until she got married? Hey, bitches, I think you’ve abandoned your “family values!” Live by your own rules or prepare to get called out when you break ’em.