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Bobby Flay’s Cheating Ways Caught Up With Him On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

bobby flay

They say revenge is a dish best served at a public unveiling of your star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and that’s exactly what Bobby Flay got yesterday. The sun was shining and many were gathered to see the ceremony… and then a banner appeared overhead, flying from the back of a plane. That message said “CHEATER” plain as day, and it continued to fly back and forth until Flay’s ceremony concluded.

cheater bobby flay

We can all safely assume this was Stephanie March‘s doing – or at least someone who knows and cares about her. Flay is pretty well known to have cheated on her repeatedly not only with his assistant, but with Mad Men actress January Jones. It seems he has a type.

Anyway, I love this story so much. Please let’s continue to humiliate Bobby Flay.

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