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Kanye West Gave A Graduation Speech And Gave The Most Kanye Advice Possible


Kanye West gets hated on a lot, and he’s well aware of it. Personally, I love the dude. I think his one misstep was marrying Kim Kardashian, but hey, they’re still together, and apparently ~~in love~~, so best of luck to them, right? Right.

Anyway, we all know how much Kanye loves hogging the mic and spewing his opinions, so someone had a momentary lapse of sanity and let Kanye be the commencement speaker at the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s graduation ceremony. Wanna know what his advice was to the students?

Via Huffington Post:

Usually, when you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.

Bwuahaha. Classic Kanye! Surprised he didn’t follow it up with, “There’s a thousand of yous, there’s only one of me.”

If you want to see video of the speech, here ya go. I recommend taking some Dramamine before watching it, because it’s shaky as hell:

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

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