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Robin Thicke & His 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Are Feeding Their Dog Marijuana

robin thicke girlfriend

Here’s something you may already know but warrants saying again: Robin Thicke is a major dickhead! Since finalizing his divorce a few months ago with ex-wife Paula Patton (though he certainly didn’t even wait until their relationship was over, to be honest), he’s shacked up with a 20-year-old girlfriend named April – and just for reference here, he’s 38 – and together they’ve been living it up, having sex, smoking weed and oh yeah, poisoning their dogs.

From TMZ:

April Love Geary gushed about Bincy last month when she and Robin plunked down $350 for the terrier mix.

But things went south quickly.  April says a day after they took the pooch home it somehow got into their stash and got sick.  Bincy went to the vet, but apparently she still had a taste for the green stuff.

Three days after returning home, Bincy was back at the animal doc, for the same problem.  This time April insisted it was more of a contact high, but when friends started ragging on her she tweeted, “IT’S NOT ME!!! Some falls on the ground or she sits by him smoking and just inhales it hahaha.”

Best we can see, Bincy’s back home.  Keep those Funyons away from her, Robin … they’re dangerous.

What the hell is wrong with people? If you’re rich and you want to be a loser burnout, fair enough (and yes, I’m aware not all pot smokers are burnouts, but I think the term applies to Robin & anyone he associates with), but don’t bring your pets into it. Sure, accidents happen, and if your dog gets into shit once, you learn from that and you feel bad and you MOVE YOUR STASH so your dogs don’t get ill again. The fact that the idiot girlfriend thinks it’s hilarious, as well, tells me just what kind of assholes they are. 

Can the RSPCA not interfere here? People like this don’t deserve to own dogs.

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