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Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video Is Coming & You Can’t Stop It

taylor swift bad blood

It’s about time for a new Taylor Swift single, and that single is going to be “Bad Blood”, which we all know by now was inspired by Katy Perry. They used to be friends, then they weren’t, and now there’s a song out of it. The video is due to be released soon, and Taylor revealed when you’ll finally be able to see it – as well as the inspiration behind the video – on Twitter yesterday.

Here’s what other scoop we got, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Directed by Joseph Kahn, it is being billed as “a video includes multiple starring roles played by a cast of Golden Globe winners, Emmy winners, Grammy winners, an Oscar nominee, blockbuster movie stars, as well as both new and iconic supermodels.”

Huh, sounds… exciting. Kahn directed the “Style” video, as well, if that gives you any indication of his, er, style…

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