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Scarlett Johansson Shows Us How To Do A Black Widow Movie On ‘SNL’

scarlett johansson black widow

I don’t really watch Saturday Night Live anymore unless someone I really, really like is hosting, which is rare. The show is just… not really all that funny anymore. It’s extremely hit or miss, and the best sketches end up on the internet by the following morning anyway, so there’s kinda no point in tuning into the broadcast. There’s that, and the fact that I’m an old lady who likes to be in bed by 10pm, even on weekends. My point is, I didn’t see Scarlett Johansson host the show again on Saturday night, but I have seen this sketch, about what Marvel might do with a Black Widow movie.

This is hilarious because it’s so ridiculous, but also because Marvel obviously doesn’t know what to do with female superheroes and probably would think this sounds like a good idea. Sadly.

Did you catch ScarJo on SNL this weekend? Did she do the chandeliers sketch?

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  • I can’t remember the last time I watched an episode of snl. That was a good sketch though ????