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Kate Middleton Could Be Induced Any Time Now

kate middleton

It seems like only yesterday that Clarence House was announcing that Kate Middleton and Prince William were expecting their second child. After several shitty months of insane morning sickness (and that’s putting it lightly) and several months of… nothing else, really, it seems the arrival of the second royal baby is imminent, and Kate could be induced any moment now!

“It varies but I would say it’s usually offered around 12 days,” Jane Munro, midwife and advisor at the Royal College of Midwives, tells PEOPLE. “The baby may be getting big and the placenta functions less well after that time.” 

Kate’s due date was always said to be “mid- to late April”, so she’s hardly late, so chances are they’ll just wait this out. After all, as of Tuesday, she was still driving around, taking George to swim at Kensington Palace’s indoor pool. Either way, her medical team has been checking out St. Mary’s hospital in London, where Kate will give birth, and trying to make sure everything’s in order for when it all goes down.

If you think I’m joking about what a major deal this is (and you’re from America, where there’s royal family fascination, but not quite like in Britain), here’s a link to The Mirror’s LIVE COVERAGE of the days leading up to the baby’s delivery. Glad to see they weren’t taking any chances. People are literally camped out outside the hospital – media AND fans. Yikes.

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  • See, it’s interesting, because I live in the UK and my perception is that while obviously people are interested because these people are our heads of state, it’s more a case of the media artificially generating interest than people actually being invested in what these leeches do. There are far more important things coming up, including a General Election on Thursday in a country where food banks have multiplied exponentially and the Conservatives are openly trying to rig the election. None of my British friends have so far mentioned the royal birth anywhere on social media, even if the media are going wild about it.

    • Btw — trying to rig the election claims, before anyone says I am exaggerating. The British PM David Cameron went to the Queen and asked her whether she would legitimise a Conservative government which wasn’t the most voted option by the British electorate, google it.