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Kate Middleton Having A Hard Time With Second Pregnancy


Poor Kate Middleton. She’s pregnant again and is again having a really hard time at it. According to People, she has hyperemesis gravidarum, which is, “a severe form of pregnancy sickness.” Here’s more:

Prince William may have stepped in for his pregnant wife, Kate, on a visit to Malta, but she was on everyone’s mind as he toured the sun-kissed island on Saturday.

William, 32, was walking near St. George’s Square in the capital of Valletta when one of the hundreds of people who’d turned up to see him asked about his wife, who’s expecting the couple’s second child and suffering from severe pregnancy sickness.

“She’s so-so, she’s up and down at the moment,” he told Sandra Lant, 70, who was visiting the holiday island from Suffolk, England.

Okay, but wait, this next part is my favorite:

Some were disappointed that she wasn’t there. “A lot of the locals I have spoken to have said: ‘Who’s William?’ ” said Sue Wilding, 74, from Kennilworth in Warwickshire, England. “I think they would have preferred to have seen Kate.”

BWUAHAHA. Are you serious? People know Kate more than they know Prince William? That can’t POSSIBLY be true.

Ladies who were pregnant, how was your pregnancy? Was it awful like Kate’s, or did you glide through it, like a perfect little swan? Do tell!

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  • I would never wish hypermemsis on anyone (especially not Kate considering she seems like a nice enough woman) but it’s a bit of a blessing that she has the illness. My sister had hyperememsis and it was horrific. It was literally like she was dying, absolutely nothing could help her. Because it is not that common many women with it are dismissed, called whiny, crazy, or over exaggerating. Doctors and nurses are often of no help and at times the least considerate of all.
    Women will vomit 30+times a day, lose 40+ pounds, not be able to eat for months. Sometimes marriages fail, families fall apart, or pregnancies are terminated in late stages because it is so physically impossible to endure. It was a devastating thing to watch my sister go through and now that it is effecting someone famous maybe it will be taken more seriously and hopefully more research done to find a cure.

  • Got pregnant easily with my first child. the pregnancy was awful though…I lost 30 pounds in the first six months and was only able to eat mashed potatoes. I was never given anything to help keep the food down which in retrospect…how come my doctor was so blasé? it was also believed my son had Down’s so I was required to do an animo….oh that was AWFUL!!!! found out baby was “normal”, but the placenta separated and I was on bed rest for a week (allowed up twice a day to potty only). then at the nine month mark the kid did not want to come out–he had to be induced. I was handed a 5 pound 14 ounce little guy. (he could not suck the bottle/or breast–which should have been a clue, but no one really knew then–my baby has autism)

  • Mine was horrible from day one also i was overdue. i threw up daily no medication helped. couldn’t get out of bed till 1 just awful. i also had to get surgery after to fix things plus got mastitis and everything else after :(