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Is Sandra Bullock The Most Beautiful Woman In The World?

sandra bullock

People magazine thinks so – they named Sandra Bullock the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2015, and if you think that’s bullshit, you’re not alone. Random Twitter users started bitching and moaning as soon as the list was released yesterday. But haters need to step right to the left, because Sandra is a bonafide QUEEN and deserves every accolade going. Is the the most physically attractive woman on the planet? Maybe not, but I think she’s beautiful.

Think of it this way: Sandy B has been through some BULLSHIT. Her husband cheated on her MULTIPLE times and was a dickhead to begin with, she was then left to raise her gorgeous kid alone (which isn’t really a bad thing), she’s had a stalker break into her damn house and she had to hide in the closet to call 911… like, things haven’t really been all that easy. That being said, she is one of the most delightfully kind, graceful, poised, intelligent, and funny ladies in Hollywood, and I think that’s worth celebrating.

Sandy isn’t really feeling the whole ‘Most Beautiful’ thing, though, and told the mag that she didn’t tell anyone about it and doesn’t take it seriously. Classic Sandy.

What do you think? Are you a closet Sandra Bullock lover? What’s your favourite SB movie? If I had to pick, I’d say probably The Heat or… MAYBE Lake House, because it’s so ridic.

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  • The whole “Worlds most Beautiful” thing is a FN joke why do they do this? If they want to say beautiful celeb then fine but give me a break with the whole “world” shit.. She comes across as sweet funny and very likeable and yes even pretty but the most beautiful? No. Did you see the list of top 20 WTF is wrong with People mag.? And I am a big SB fan of Miss Congeniality 1 and The Blind Side.

  • She’s the most beautiful woman in the world because her PR firm had a very beautiful check they made out to People Magazine. But she’s a much better choice than GOOP was.

  • Lol, wow. Such ass kissery if I ever saw it. “left to raise her gorgeous kid alone ” and calling her “Sandy” .. “Classic Sandy”? It sounds so cringy. I even googled “Sandy Bullock” and nothing comes up. No one even calls her that, lol. So it’s just you being an overly annoying suck up.

    • LOL how am I sucking up to someone I don’t know? Relax, it’s celebrity gossip, not world politics.

  • She’s been cheated on, had a stalker, and acts in movies. She’s a QUEEN, guys. She deserves it because she’s still a decent human being even though she went through what many women in the world have gone through?Some women get beat everyday and have been raped, not just stalked.

    If going through some shit is what it takes to be declared “Most Beautiful 2015” and deserve it, then shit… I should be, too. Oh wait, I don’t act in the movies and get paid millions to do so. THAT’S why she got the damn title and “deserves” it and you know it.

  • Hey, I luvs her and sh*t, but numerous blind items indicate she’s swing from both sides of the swingset. Her ex, Jesse has been married for several years now, and it appears he likes this gal a whole lot, and quit drinking many years ago. Sooooo… perhaps it was not ALLL one sided…

  • Bonjour ‘ Sandra,
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