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Don’t worry, Kaley Cuoco isn’t getting divorced (yet)

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Apparently rumours have been flying around that Kaley Cuoco and husband Ryan Sweeting are not so… sweet on each other and are getting a divorce. I hadn’t heard these rumours, likely because I never hear anything about Kaley Cuoco, but there we are. Kaley herself had heard them, of course (Google alert of her own name set up, I imagine), and decided to confront the haters head on… on Instagram.

Whew, well that’s a relief. I still give it another year or so – and that’s generous, really – but who knows. Maybe this is true love that’ll last forever!

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  • I wonder who might be starting this vicious rumors about her? In any case she needs him for her own self image he needs her for financial support. If she wants kids and he doesn’t that will break the contract