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Holly Madison “Contemplated” Suicide


Holly Madison seems like one of those celebs who is always all smiles, Disney princess that she is, but as her latest book reveals, she’s struggled with some serious shit. Her memoir is titled, Down The Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures And Cautionary Tales Of A Former Playboy Bunny, and it sounds like it’s got some good gossip on her bunny days, and also some surprising revelations. From Us Weekly:

As revealed in the release from Harper Collins, Madison’s seemingly fairy tale existence inside the Playboy Mansion was filled with drama, darkness, and even depression. “Life inside the notorious Mansion wasn’t a dream at all—and quickly became her nightmare,” the promotional material states. “After losing her identity, her sense of self-worth, and her hope for the future, Holly found herself sitting alone in a bathtub contemplating suicide.”

The publisher also promises to detail the “oppressive routine of strict rules, manipulation, and [her] battles with ambitious, backstabbing bunnies.”

This isn’t the first Playboy Bunny tell-all and it won’t be the last, so the question is, will she reveal some real stuff, and maybe stuff we didn’t already know? She’s already delivering, though it’s pretty awful news — had no idea she was so depressed, though I can’t imagine living her bizarro life and what kind of stuff went down.

The whole Playboy lifestyle and culture is so strange to me, honestly. Yet I’m intrigued by what she (OK, let’s be honest, her ghostwriter), has written. Are you?

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  • What kind of self-worth did she have before she moved into a rich old mans house to be screwed at his demand or ability along with 2 or 3 other girls? Probably none or very little.

  • I always liked Holly, but yeah, her problems started looooong before Hef and the HefHeinyClimbers

  • Holly always had that look in her eye, like she just wasn’t happy deep down inside. Hope she finds what she is looking for.