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Kim Kardashian is a blonde now

kim kardashian blonde

To be honest, I really don’t even know what Kanye West is trying to do to Kim Kardashian anymore. Obviously he takes himself rather seriously when it comes to fashion, but he also seems to think he’s qualified to be a personal stylist, given the shit he’s forced Kim Kardashian to encase herself in over the past few years. Now it seems Kanye has moved beyond clothes and is looking to make his wife over in a more obvious way: Kim’s now a bleach blonde. Yikes.

There’s also the fact that she seems to have had more surgery/injections/whatever, because yet again her face and more particularly her lips look pumped up like fucking bike tires and it’s awful. What is the point of everything this woman is doing to her face/body? If that’s what she legit wants to do, fair enough. But… Is she legitimately trying not to look human anymore? That’s not even me being an asshole – it’s a serious question.

kim kardashian blonde

Kim debuted her hair all over Paris, and even wore a fishnet dress with no bra at the Lanvin show yesterday – anticipate some nip if you make any of the gallery photos bigger.

What do you guys think about this mess?


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  • She looks awful. No other way to say it. She doesn’t have the coloring to look good as a blonde and whatever color this is, it’s terrible. It’s bordering on Big Bird territory. Her hair looks destroyed, she’s going to regret this. As for her face, she’s almost unrecognizable now. Another couple of procedures and she will no longer look like the original. Maybe that’s what she and Kanye are going for? She’s been heading down this road for a while, maybe soon she will reach her destination. Whatever that is.

  • Her hair isn’t that bad, but her lips look awful. 10 years down the line she’ll look like Jocelyn Wildenstein’s little sister.

  • Shes trying to desperately hold on to public interest she is losing to her youngest sisters. Its a bitch getting old and fat isn’t it whore?

    • @Sandybrook, what are you doing on this site? Nice to see you. I usually catch up on your comments on Enty’s site. As per Kim, I think she is starting to channel Rita Ora.

  • It’s like she’s turning into an android. That last photo of her leaving the building, come on, it looks like she’s about to beep any time.

  • First of all, who cares? These people are the most vapid, insipid “specimens” around. Yes, she looks like a mess. I guess that’s why people follow what she/they are doing. You can’t look away from a train wreck.

  • She looks dreadful!! The beginning of the end for her. Her face looks blotchy in the close up. Injection sites

  • All of you people saying she looks awful and “beginning of the end” for her yet here you are talking about her. As long as you continue to talk about her she will be around. Get it? To make her truly irrelevant quit talking about her all the time. I’m so sick of this woman.