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Harrison Ford injured in a plane crash

harrison ford plane

Harrison Ford is an aviation enthusiast and has been for years – he even has 11 of his own small planes that he flies in his space time. Unfortunately, things went awry earlier today when he crashed into a golf course just outside Los Angeles and was rushed to a local hospital.

From NBC News:

The actor, who was conscious and breathing when rescue crews reached him, was stabilized and taken to a hospital, where he was in fair to moderate condition, authorities said. Sources said he sustained cuts to his head. There was no word on other injuries or what caused the plane to crash about 2:20 p.m. (5:20 p.m. ET). It appeared he was flying solo.

“We are very thankful that the passenger had [only] very moderate injuries,” Los Angeles Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Butler said.

The plane clipped some tree branches and crashed on the golf course shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica Airport, Butler said. An eyewitness, Howard Tabe, an employee at Penmar Golf Course, said he put a blanket under Ford’s hip.

“There was blood all over his face,” Tabe said. “Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him.”

Mike Bonin, a Los Angeles City Council member, agreed, telling NBC Los Angeles: “Thank God that this incident happened on a golf course where there is a relatively open space.”

He’s pretty lucky, as the source pointed out, that he landed in an area with open space and that he survived with so few serious injuries. Of course, Harrison Ford isn’t an idiot and no doubt knows the danger of flying small aircraft, so I assume he’ll continue flying after his recovery since it’s something he enjoys so much. Tough break, though – especially considering he was injured on a movie set just last summer!

Here’s a picture of the plane following the crash:

harrison ford

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