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Is Bruce Jenner Solely Responsible For Deadly Car Crash?


Bruce Jenner has been involved in a deadly car crash, but the question is, is he solely responsible? What happened was Jenner was driving in Malibu while being chased by paparazzi. It seems like in an effort to avoid them, he hit a white car which hit a Hummer — and the driver in the white car died. Jenner was not intoxicated, nor was he speeding. TMZ is placing the blame on Jenner. From TMZ:

Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrific car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu at around noon Saturday, one person is dead, and it looks like Bruce caused the accident … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … there were 4 vehicles involved in the crash. We’re told there were 8 people involved and all sustained some sort of injury … but one person died at the scene.

Eyewitnesses say Bruce rear ended the white car and that car went into oncoming traffic and was struck by the Hummer. […] The woman driving the white car died.


Jenner family sources tell TMZ Bruce was being chased by as many as 5 paparazzi at the time of the crash. Bruce told cops he wasn’t drinking and passed a field sobriety test.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bruce volunteered to go to the hospital to have his blood drawn for blood alcohol testing. He was taken in a Sheriff’s cruiser. We’ve also learned the woman who was killed in the white car was coming to a stop at a red light when Bruce hit her. We’re told law enforcement has already determined Bruce was not speeding.

TMZ also has the gruesome photos.

I guess the issue here is, do the paparazzi play some role in what happened? It sounds like if not for them, Jenner wouldn’t have hit the car causing the deadly chain reaction. But then again, he is the one who hit the car, not the paparazzi. If we weren’t so damned consumed by Bruce Jenner gossip, then he wouldn’t have been chased to begin with. Something’s got to give. This was a horrible accident and I do think while Jenner should be held responsible, it wasn’t entirely his fault. I’m sure he feels terrible about this. Someone died.

What do you guys think?

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  • I deal with car accidents every day with car insurance and from a motor vehicle liability perspective, Jenner is 100% at fault for the rear end portion of the accident bc (from what I read) the paparazzi never made contact with him, therefore his methods to evade them is considered a loss of control. As far as the part where the hummer traveling on the intersecting road stuck the white car….Jenner is not fully resp for that. Clearly we don’t have all the details but based on what you have written, the white car was coming to a stop and speed was not an issue allegedly for jenners car. When one is coming to a stop, one is hitting the brakes. If Jenners car was not going fast, the white car would have not gotten pushed into the middle of the intersection. I deal with PLENTY of rear end collisions where the front car does NOT get pushed into anything else, so clearly that needs to get investigated. Did the operator of the white car release the brake during impact? Unfortunate, all drivers have duties no matter who starts the collision. As far as the death is concerned…it will need to be determined when that person passed away. Did she pass away before entering the intesection as a result of Jenners impact or did they pass away as a result of the hummers impact? Jenner is clearly a contributing factor here but he is not 100% at fault for the hummers contact with the white car. Not what everyone wants to hear and of course the press is only going to mention that he is responsible but no, I can guarantee you that it won’t be that way. Now of course everyone is going to sue Jenner, that’s a given and they will most likely win but that does not correlate with liability. Plenty of people are 100% responsible for an accident and sue the 0% driver for injuries and they win (I.e. A car making a left turn in front of a car w/ the right away will be 100% at fault but they can still sue that car who had the right away and win…and I see that ALL the time) Jenner can also personally sue the paparazzi if he knows which paparazzi were following him of course but as far as liability is concerned for this accident, Jenner is at fault for the rear end portion of the loss and the rest is to be determined as far as the death and the hummers impact with the white car. In a perfect world, Jenner would be responsible for all of this, but he won’t be.

    • Wow if that’s not a thourough breakdown, I don’t know what is! Thanks Jellybelly. And liability aside, this is a tragic event.

  • my connects at LASO and CHP both told me that paps WEREN’T chasing him…following, yes. chasing … no. i bet he was texting.