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Mariah Carey wants Nick Cannon to skip Christmas this year

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon decided to end their marriage earlier this year, and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been an altogether peaceful split. There’s clearly a lot of resentment between them, but they’ve been trying to keep the peace for the sake of their young children. While they initially planned to spend Christmas together, now it seems Mariah wants to cancel those plans.

“The original plan had been for the whole family to spend Christmas together in Colorado,” a source told us. “However, Mariah has now asked Nick not to come.”

“It’s based on a few things,” the source explained. “For starters, they spent Thanksgiving together and fought behind the scenes. How is it healthy for the kids if both parents are technically in the same place but fighting?”

Our insider added that Carey is also feeling particular sensitive over the recent criticism over her Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting performance and some of the stops on the Asian leg of her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour.

“She holds him partially responsible for the bad press her recent performances have gotten,” the source said. “She’s been so stressed over the split—with the fighting and crying—it’s definitely affected her state of mind, her head, her voice and her stage presence. It’s rattled her.”

LOL, well, it’s not really Nick’s fault that your voice was a hot mess, but alright, girl, I’m going to let you rock with that.  I do agree that if they’re just going to fight, they might as well stay apart. Merry Christmas, anyway!

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  • We all know she’s talented and going through it right now. It could be his fault her voice is a hot mess if she’s having to botch him out all day for being a selfish who’re.

  • She claims she needs to have calm and peace to sober up and get well.. It’s dangerous and wrong for a troubled couple to stay in the same household while divorcing.. the fear and anger is absolutely devastating. It creates boundary issues, hostility and resentment. Separate the couple, give them space to amicably work out their differences. I think he’s over the top still trying to force her to do what he wants right away.. pretend they get along when she is not ready.. and not understanding how much she suffered having those babies and wants no more of pregnancy pleas or him giving her advice… they are antagonists now. He should back off and let her do her thing and step in if he fears she might harm or neglect the kids.. I doubt she would, as people can suddenly fall out of love and can love their kids the same.