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Cameron Diaz flashes her new engagement ring

cameron diaz

Just a few days after news broke that Cameron Diaz and boyfriend of less than a year Benji Madden were engaged, our girl Cam was spotted out and about with a massive engagement ring, looking pretty pleased with herself/life/etc.

Frankly, this doesn’t look much like an engagement ring, especially when you get up close. It just looks like a thick silver band – where’s the stone?!

cameron diaz ring

Huh. This may not be an engagement ring after all, but it’s on that finger, so maybe we’re being trolled. Who can say?

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  • I think it’s coool she is not leaving marriage and possibly kids out of her life.. Go for it.. she seems like she’d be a fun mom.

  • Why does an engagement ring have to have a stone in it? What if Cameron’s ring is just meant to represent being engaged to a man she loves instead of showing off. That’s just a fucked up perspective for being engaged…