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Kendall Jenner strips down for Christmas, stays clothed for ‘Vogue’

kendall jenner vogue

It seems like you can’t shit for Kendall Jenner lately, right? She’s in every fashion magazine, every campaign, every other supermodel’s Instagram feed, yada yada. She’s having her Big Moment, and I suppose we’ll just have to let her. She’s vaguely less insufferable than Kim Kardashian, anyway. Her newest shoot is for Vogue, and she certainly fits in better than her older sister there. The pictures aren’t anything special, but they’re not too bad.

I mean, those are sorta… okay, I guess? But let’s get to the good stuff (if you consider Kendall Jenner following in the family footsteps of stripping off to be “good stuff”)  – Kendall for Love Magazine. I’m going to put this behind a cut as it’s sorta NSFW… enjoy!

kendall jenner love magazine

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