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Bill Cosby returns to stand-up, doesn’t seem to care that people know he’s a rapist

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More and more of Bill Cosby‘s victims continue to come forward, detailing their assaults in hopes of encouraging others to speak out and oh, I dunno, maybe to bring this disgusting asshole to some kind of justice? That doesn’t seem to be happening, however. In fact, Bill took the stage for some stand-up on Thursday and was given a rather warm welcome. He didn’t seem to give a shit at all about the fact that he’s raped and sexually assaulted countless women – and neither did the people there to see it.

The show, which was held in aid of The Links, Incorporated (an international women’s organization), started promptly at 8pm.

“He was very theatrical on stage,” one audience member told Us Weekly. “It appeared as though what was going on didn’t move him at all. What really stood out was his lack of proper attire. He was dressed in grey sweats, slippers and a shirt saying ‘Hello Friend.'”

“He interacted a lot with the audience,” the source continued. “At one point someone’s cell phone rang and he said to tell them ‘I’m not here,’ which caused the audience to laugh. He appeared not to be bothered by what’s going on with him in the media although he did not attend the meet and greet post-show reception.”

As his set drew to a close, Cosby’s focus moved to his wife, Camille.

“He said, ‘Camille and I have been married for 50 years.’ He flashed his wedding band for the audience to see and this gesture was welcomed by the audience,” the source told Us. “His last piece was dedicated to his wife and their marriage.”

Oh, great – it was for a charitable cause – a women’s organization, at that. This is INSANE. Also, tasteless on the part of the show’s organizers for not taking his ass off the bill STAT when this shit came back into the limelight. I honestly have no faith in this world sometimes.

By the way, Bill’s lawyer continues to laugh off all the stories about the women Bill raped, saying:

“We’ve reached the point of absurdity,” he said in a statement. “The stories are getting more ridiculous. People coming out of nowhere with this sort of inane yarn is what happens in a media-driven feeding frenzy.”

Yeah, I bet. I know this lawyer is getting paid tons of money to pretend he believes this scumbag is innocent and people are just randomly making up stories about him, but how can he sleep at night?

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  • He’s not gonna crack. He’s Bill F*, ng Cosby. He’s older than dirt and apparently quite the predator. Stand up isn’t gonna phase him

  • Let’s try this again. He’s 77 years old, rich as f*ck and doesn’t have any f* cks left to give because either way his career isn’t what it was. He doesn’t care and if he did it he did it and if he didn’t he didn’t

  • People give the new victims coming forward shit, why wouldn’t you say something when it happened and file a lawsuit 20 years ago? When up against a man who shits money and could destroy your entire life, it’s understandable that many women didn’t speak out. When a man worth more money than you can fathom threatens you with a lawsuit, what good will your cheap lawyer do? Is it worth fighting a decade long battle only to end up with thousands and thousands in lawyer fees while also having your professional reputation ruined? Most small time actresses don’t have any money, they rely on networking, they are vulnerable and desperate at certain times. Who better to exploit and abuse.

    While I wish many of these women had spoken out sooner, I don’t discredit them for remaining silent. Going up against a powerful person is intimidating, now factor in that the person is loved by everyone and is incredibly powerful. They could make your life a living hell by simply snapping their fingers.

    While I believe these women should have spoken out sooner, I can understand why they didn’t.

  • I think Bill Cosby is completely innocent. The fact that there are no criminal charges against him speaks volumes. If he was guilty of anything he would have been arrested years ago. I wish him the best on the rest of his tour. He is brave to continue on despite the allegations. I believe he continues his tour in order to not let the protesters and hecklers stop him from doing what he loves, performing comedy in front of an audience.