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Beyonce has been (badly) Photoshopping her pictures again

beyonce photoshop

Beyonce is hot. We’ve all seen her in the flesh – in REAL candids, like in concerts, at awards shows, etc. We know what she looks like. So why is she still so insistent on not only Photoshopping her pictures, but doing it so badly?

Bey runs a very carefully controlled empire. We all remember when that super unflattering picture of her in concert popped up online a couple of years ago, leading her to ban all photography at her shows unless it was done by her PERSONAL photographer. However, she’s taken things one step further by even seriously altering her “candid” Instagram selfies, and it’s done so shittily, I seriously have to wonder if it’s a joke.


Sorry, but last I checked, curtains don’t pull themselves in at waist level just to help you out. That’s the Photoshop liquify tool you’re working with, and whoever it is seriously is working with some 101-level skills. But it’s not even about how bad it is – though it is laughably so – it’s about the fact that Bey makes a huge deal out of releasing a song like ‘Pretty Hurts’, all about how superficial the world is and how she’s breaking free from that (easy to say when you’re objectively VERY attractive, thin and rich already) and then goes and does this amateur hour shit.

This isn’t the first time she’s been called out about Photoshopping, either – and she’s certainly not the only one to do it. But for some reason, it just seems like more of a betrayal from Beyonce, who has been rather vocal about embracing herself flaws and all, and encouraging others to do the same. If you feel like you need to digitally squeeze yourself into Barbie proportions, fair enough. Live your life. But don’t pretend like you stand for anything but the same things everyone else does: vanity, to an extreme degree.

Have a look through her Instagram and this shitty Photoshopping is everywhere. Either knock it off, Beyonce, or hire someone who actually knows more than Forward Warp.

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