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Did Beyoncé Photoshop herself a thigh gap?

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Celebrities Photoshopping their pictures – even their “candid” Instagram images – is nothing new and almost to be expected. However, no one really expected it from Beyoncé, who notoriously does NOT have a thigh gap but suddenly did in a vacation photo she posted on Thursday.

Bey has always been pretty body positive (at least in terms of how she discusses her body image publicly), so it seems bizarre that she would be concerned with noticeably slimming down her thighs. Then again, this is the person whose team begged bloggers to take down unflattering photos of her on tour and banned photographers from any future dates so she had full control over what was released.

Anyhow, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been enjoying a nice little vacation together and here’s the photo that’s caused all the fuss:


Not sure what to make of it, really. I think maybe it’s just the angle the picture was taken? I can’t tell if that curve in on her leg is sloppy Photoshopping or the definition of muscle? WHO KNOWS? Bey is beautiful whatever way you slice it, but I suppose as a society we want to do anything we can to find some imperfection in those who seem perfect…

What do you think – is this Photoshopped or just a weird pic?

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  • There were some pics of her from a few months ago at some performance doing a song with Jay. And then an after party with a white lace dress that everyone was raving about. I believe this site actually did a post on it if I remember correctly. And the post about those pics was focused on how much weight she had lost and pointing out her thigh gap. Anyway, if it wasn’t on this site my apologies, I’m just going on memory and could be wrong. But those pics are out there somewhere. The only reason I remember anything about it was the gap was prominent and since she’s always had thick thighs, my first thought was lipo. Not photoshop. And I still think she’s had lipo to create the gap. Otherwise, with her natural body shape she would have had to starve herself to Kate Bosworth proportions to get a thigh gap. And that’s clearly not the case.

    • It’s actually easier for a wide hipped woman to get a thigh gap I believe. I agree on the weightloss thing, I noticed it too in the Jay Z duo
      performance! I do however believe she didn’t get smaller thighs by losing weight, because that was the only thing changed in her body: same arms, face, booty. Think she got lipo because the differences in her shape were huge within weeks. Do think the above pic is shopped, too exaggerate the existing lipo gap, because this gap is too extreme, even compared to her jay-performance legs.

    • You got it, Isabel. The change was very quick and I’m convinced it was lipo. Another factor is that with lipo you can have it sculpted the way you want and the results are pretty immediate. The photoshop thing is harder for me to spot; some of them are really bad and noticeable and others are more subtle. The pic above does look a little wonky.

  • She’s “body positive?” — This woman FAKED A PREGNANCY because she didn’t want her body compromised, so no, she isn’t “body positive.” Everything she does in the media she fanatically controls.

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