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Blue Ivy might not be Beyonce’s, or so a woman named Tina Seals claims

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All of you who have been saying from jump that Beyoncé hired a surrogate to carry Blue Ivy might start feeling a bit vindicated when I tell you this one: a woman named Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit against the couple claiming that she is the real mother of Blue Ivy.

From The Hollywood Gossip (so take this with a GIANT grain of salt):

A woman named Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in Manhattan in which she claims to be the mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z and Beyonce’s only child.

The rumored legal document alleges that Seals is seeking “to verify whether she is the biological mother” of the toddler and that she was “previously associated” in some way with defendants “Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Carter.”

It’s nearly unheard of for a woman to file a maternity lawsuit because this somehow means Seals believes SHE gave birth to Blue Ivy instead of Beyonce… which is just an odd thing for the latter to have covered up and/or the former to have allowed.

Could she have had an affair with Jay Z, given the child up for adoption to the couple and is now having second thoughts?

It’s unclear, and it could be complete BS – but this scandal comes amidst incessant chatter that Jay Z and Beyonce are on the outs.

I want us all to be realistic with ourselves and realise that while this might be REALLY juicy if it were true, it’s most likely complete and utter bullshit and the woman behind the alleged lawsuit, if it’s real, is probably a walking insane asylum and/or trying to make some quick and easy cash. The kid looks like Jay-Z and it also has a bit of Bey from when she was younger. Blue Ivy is hers.

Shit like this makes it even more abundantly clear why I would never, ever want to be a celebrity.

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  • Or, unless she was the egg donor and is trying to establish some weird kind of rights (which I think you pretty much completely hand over when you become an egg donor).

  • ok so I am from the camp that says she did NOT carry this baby. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again simple reason I don’t think Beyoncé would walk away from MILLIONS of dollars that would have been thrown at her by the weight loss people. (weight watchers jenny craig … ) no legit weight to lose? In the beginning I thought this may happen someone somewhere some how would find a way to get a DNA test done BUT then I figured surely to hell it would be her egg and his sperm so it is their baby? If she didn’t carry the baby I don’t know why the big secret shit happens not ever woman can or wants to give birth it doesn’t make you a bad person Lying for no good reason always comes back to bite you on the ass

  • I don’t think she had Blue either… I mean, I’m pretty sure that if Jay-Z and Beyoncé got a surrogate for the baby, that woman would have to sign an iron-clad contract. I’m pretty sure that mentioned woman won’t have to worry for money at all. Ever.

    BS, that is.

  • Remember that video where she was on the talk show and she went to sit down and her pregnant belly “collapsed”? hmmmmmm

  • Leave Beyonce alone for God’s sake. People we all do shit and I’m tired of hearing about this couple’s marital problems.They are human and go through shit like everyone else. If everyone tended to their own business and stay the hell out of theirs then just maybe none of this shit would be happening. Jay-Z couldn’t said it better “I thought this was America people”. Beyonce you rock; much love to you and Blue Ivy. Some people wish they could do a third of what you do for that child. Keep up the good work. Tina what kind of mother give up her child. Remember when you point fingers, there’s always three and a half pointing back.

  • I’ve said this since day one. No woman who has had a c-section (beyonce supposedly had) will heal with NO SCARS and dance and move about like she did within a month.
    The only time beyonce may have been really pregnant was when she co-starred in the fighting temptations with Cuba Gooding jr., she was chunky in that movie. They said she gained weight for that part to play a mother….to a boy who was about 5-6 yrs old in the movie?
    People who are defending them saying we need to mind our business and leave them alone, well that’s exactly what we did when they proclaimed their privacy, now they need our attention to stay relevant and this baby via surrogate was 1 of their many tactics to keep us interested in their career.

  • I have said since the collapsed pillow incident that Beyoncé would not ruin her career by carrying a gift from god. She and Jay Z used his sperm and her eggs and used another woman to carry their baby. So if said woman carried Blue Ivy, she may have a very legitimate claim to their baby. Just goes to show that when you marry and you want kids you should just carry your own baby, the way god intended women to. She had no excuse to use a surrogate other than he and she didn’t want to mess up her body. I call that laziness.