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Kim Kardashian wants to ruin another child’s life

kim kardashian today show

It’s bad enough that poor little North West will have to deal with the fact that she’s the child of the biggest narcissists in the world, but things are about to get a whole lot worse. Kim Kardashian wants to have at least one more child, possibly two, and plans to get started on that with “the smartest fucking celebrity you’ve ever dealt with” Kanye West in the near future.

Appearing on the TODAY show on Tuesday, Kimmycakes opened up about her desire to expand her family:

“If I could just snap my fingers and have four, I’d have four. But I do realize I’m going to have to go through the pregnancy again … [and my first] was a really difficult pregnancy so it’s tough.

Of course I want to have another child. I would love two more but we’ll see. I’m going to have one more and see what it’s like.”

She also claimed that she was terrified while pregnant of what motherhood would be like, but it’s been “so worth it” and more since she has nannies to actually do the child raising and she just borrows North when she wants to take an Instagram selfie with her.

Oh, and another hilarious bit: Kim says that every time North sees a paparazzo, she makes a “mean angry Kanye face” at them. I don’t think that’s something to brag about: your child is miserable and your husband is an asshole. Not particularly a laughing matter.

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  • theres yet more you’re to do all in the name of bringing this family down,bt am afraid it won’t work.been following u 4 a while,your articles ain’t shit,not 2mi and i bet your ass not to that lovely couple too.get a life koz u saq

    • Gee kaye, you sound about as intelligent as the fat-assed troll Kim and her equally idiotic husband Kanye. If you can’t understand the deserved spite and ridicule that rolls her way, maybe you shouldn’t have dropped out of school in the 8th grade.