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Kendall Jenner wants to sue the waitress she treated like shit

kendall jenner

Here’s something that probably won’t surprise you: Kendall Jenner is kind of a bitch. If there’s something you can almost guarantee when you grow up in a life of absolute privilege in which everything is handed to you and you’ve never had to work for a single thing, it’s that you’re probably going to end up being kind of insufferable. Yeeeeep.

Kendall was apparently dining at Mercer Kitchen in New York last week and tried to order alcohol. Newsflash: Kendall isn’t 21, and the waitress – who was apparently an actress on Skins? – refused to serve her. So Kendall did what any mature 18-year-old woman would do: she threw a fit and walked out of the restaurant without paying her bill for all the food she had. When the waitress followed her out to get the money, Kendall told her off, grabbed a few $20 bills from her wallet and threw them in the waitress’ face. Lovely!

But Kendall won’t own up to what she’s done and apologize. Instead, she’s hired a very expensive lawyer to do her dirty work and is threatening to sue the waitress for lying about Kendall just because she’s a struggling actress:

From TMZ:

TMZ has obtained a letter from Kendall’s lawyer, admitting Jenner was indeed at Mercer Kitchen last week and that she accidentally skipped out on the bill.

But legal pitbull Marty Singer says the rest of the waitress’ story is a pack of lies. The waitress tweeted she chased Kendall down the street to get the money and Jenner threw it in her face.

Singer says in the letter … what actually happened was that the waitress did come up to her outside but Jenner was “extremely apologetic” and gladly paid what she owed — $33, plus a $7 tip … which she “politely handed” to her.

Singer says, “Although you are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress,” adding, “You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself.”

Okay, so even Kendall Jenner’s lawyer’s a bitch? Who makes a dig at someone wanting to be an actress? Let’s be real, if Kendall wasn’t from her awful family, she’d be a struggling model – and I’m sure there are plenty of people in the industry who still think she’s a joke, she just has enough money to keep them from saying it to her face.

Sorry, but I think this waitress is 100% telling the truth, and also, if she wanted to associate herself with a celebrity for fame, she would probably pick someone with a little more class…

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