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Kylie Jenner needs her license taken away

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner has already crashed her car and gotten a few tickets in her short driving career, and now it’s pretty clear why: the kid won’t get off her phone, even when she’s behind the wheel. While driving around LA with her friend (who has been accurately described by one commenter as a “bootleg Vanessa Hudgens”), Kylie had to get her angles right as she filmed herself lip syncing and even turned the camera on her friend. Now, the passenger could easily have filmed this without putting them at risk for an accident, but what fun would that be?

Idiots. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING. It’s not that hard and you’re not going to miss anything. Also, that gold grill? Awful. Get rid of it.

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  • Look, be free and “liberal” with your word choices.
    Her friend is a “hood rat”. It’s o.k. You can say it. As I am the only one who ever comments, mostly, I’m not gonna be offended.

  • I completely agree that she probably doesn’t need a license, but based on the seatbelt being over her right shoulder and the windows and all… Isn’t Kylie in the passenger seat? Now, her friend doesn’t appear to be driving at all, so who knows what is powering that car.

    And yeah, that grill is dumb. And she looks completely stoned.