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Kylie Jenner Got A Speeding Ticket


Kylie Jenner got pulled over for speeding (according to a nearby photographer) but before I get to that, I just want to say, I felt weird about sharing this. Normally I love seeing things go wrong for celebs, especially anyone remotely connected to the Kardashian family. Especially someone who is only 16 and has a car that’s worth $125,000 (according to Us, who covered the story). Especially someone who doesn’t have to work and could probably get by on bikini modeling alone. Especially someone who breaks every rule and parties underage and doesn’t get in trouble for it. Especially someone who has a nail piercing.

And yet…the sweet schadenfreude isn’t coming. I guess because the one time I got pulled over (expired tag) I was terrified out of my goddamn mind. So I feel for her. Even though I shouldn’t. Because this isn’t even her first driving problem. She got in a car crash 18 days after getting her license.

I just wonder if maybe I’m too hard on celebs sometimes.

I’m losing my mind, right? It’s Kylie Jenner, what do I care?

This new year is bringing a lot of reflection, guys. Have you ever been pulled over? How did it go?

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  • Why do I care that anyone at all got a speeding ticket? She wasn’t driving drunk, there is no mention of reckless driving, she was just driving slightly over the speed limit. This just doesn’t even seem like news.

    Admittedly, I don’t get the whole obsession with reality TV stars. With the exception of Masterchef and the Amazing Race, I don’t watch any of those shows. But this doesn’t seem like news.

  • I think that the Kardashian/Jenners should be put to death for her traffic infraction. Some may argue that is too severe, but whateves! Lol

  • Why does evilbeet keep bringing up the stupid nail piercing? Either I grew up in a ghetto neighborhood or its the area I grew up in or its an old 90s thing but it’s nothing big to me.

  • She is young just got her license already been in an accident. Looks like she’s driving a hummer? you said when you got pulled over you were terrified yet after an accident she is speeding and I’ll bet doesn’t give a shit about a ticket. This will be a regular thing with her keep this pic on file is gonna get used alot

    • for goodness sake i wish people would stop giving celeb kids crap for being celeb kids. she was born into a famous family and got handed very expensive things. i don’t know WHO would have refused the things including the car she gets. nothing she has or anything to do with her family’s wealth should reflect badly on her. her behaviour is another thing but seriously. spoiled brat? really?

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