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Chris Brown is part of the Bloods gang now, I guess

chris brown

It was only a few weeks ago that Chris Brown was released from prison and vowing to turn his life around and get back on the right track. Anyone with a working brain knew that was a load of horseshit, and it didn’t take long for CB to prove us right. He hit the clubs last weekend where he got so wasted that he had to be carried out. Before that, however, he decided to throw up some gang signs and give shout out to the Bloods.

From TMZ:

The video is clear … Chris dancing at a BET afterparty — the one where he got wasted and had to be carried out — and he wants everyone to see him gang banging.

Chris is specific … giving a verbal shout out to a specific subset of Bloods — the Fruit Town Piru.  FYI … Piru is a street in Compton where the first known Bloods gang was formed.

Right before Chris got locked up … he was tagging “Fruits Piru” on a wall in Hawaii.  In fact, we’re told several Fruits Piru gang members lived with Chris before he went to jail.

Sounds like he’s on the right track.

Here’s the video in question:

I mean, I can’t even express in words how corny this dude has to be to want to get involved in something like gang life. It’s not something you WILLINGLY get into when you’ve got money, opportunity, let alone ANY other option. Chris did not grow up in that, he isn’t being forced into it out of desperation to survive, none of that. He just thinks thuggin’ is the way to go, I suppose. And maybe it is – it’s certainly the way straight back to his jail cell. Maybe that’s what this asshole wants in the end – to be locked up for life. I’d be more than happy to grant that wish if I were a judge.

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  • He was just tryin to cover his ass when he was going to jail and in case he has to go back to jail. CB doesn’t want to be a pass around prison bitch. (and who would?)