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Chris Brown’s going to clean his act up, apparently

chris brown

Chris Brown just got out of jail after spending a couple of months “in the clink” as they (“they” being no one but Michael Scott) say. He wasn’t happy being there, but he’s overjoyed at being out and wants to make sure he never gets in that situation again… so he’s going legit, guys. That’s right – Chris Brown is getting on the straight and narrow!

From TMZ:

Sources close to Chris tell TMZ … the singer is making a Lindsay-type pledge — to stay away from drugs and bad people, especially those connected to gangs.

Chris seems to be blaming part of his problems — which landed him in jail for 108 days — on the people with whom he was hanging.  But he’s also acknowledging his problems with violence were largely his doing.  Doctors believe his erratic behavior was largely the result of bipolarity.  He’s now on meds and doctors say he’s now stabilized.

Brown says his singular focus now is music and he has privately told his label he will not screw up again.

LOL, okay, let’s go with that. I give him 90 days before he’s messed up again – punched a wall, threw a chair, ripped his shirt off in a Hulk-style rage… you get the picture.

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  • The Lohan pledge Ya that’s worked out great for her too. His problem is by saying this publicly people will be taunting him non stop until he flies off the handle and gets into a fight. He’s that stupid and then Jennifer gets to cheer and gloat and say she was right and this guy needs to go to prison forever.

  • So he’s bipolar now? Nope, sorry, not buying that load of horse shit! He’s a thug and a rage-monster. He needs a good come uppance to set him straight.

  • SURRRRRE! i’m with both comments above. no hope for this douche, as long as he’s in THEE INDUSTRY.