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Well, this totally proves what a great mom Kate Gosselin is

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Are we all excited for Kate Gosselin‘s upcoming TLC special, Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10? No, me neither, but we’ll just have to pretend, at least for the duration of this article. You see, so much has happened since we last saw Kate and her brood of children. They’ve gotten bigger! Mady and Cara are bratty teenagers! Kate’s turned into a complete famewhore instead of just a kinda famewhore! Jon‘412 is nowhere to be seen because he’s become a reclusive, gun-toting woodsman! It’s all happening!

The special doesn’t air until June 19, but TLC needs to drum up some kind of enthusiasm for this shit, so we’ve got a sneak preview of Kate with the kids, being a totally awesome mom. She’s a firm disciplinarian! She dictates fun! She… totally doesn’t do this every day, sorry. Considering how much time she spends on the Hollywood ho stroll (no shade – follow your dreams!), there’s no way she’s disciplining these kids (or even spending that much time with them) on a daily basis. Nice for the camera, though.

What a nightmare. If she actually did parent like this, I’d be into it, but this is very clearly all for show, unfortunately.

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  • Im so tired of reading/hearing about what a terrible mother Kate is. She isn’t. She is a great mom. North American women tend to act like they invented mothering, and only intensive mothering where children are treated like daisies instead of being instilled with discipline and respect, is correct. Most North American women have 2-3 kids. Im from the Caribbean and you can never back talk your parents. if you had 6 kids you would learn that discipline is important. Disciplining a child, teaches them to have self discipline. Most kids in North America are disrespectful and yell and scream and even swear at their parents. They raise entitled kids who go to school and treat the teachers the same way. I was raised by a mother like Kate and Im grateful for it.

    • I agree. Say what you want, I know I’ve dealt with that attitude with my chitlun’, and I feel sympathy for her dealing with all of them. They all are pretty adorable, and that’s a lot of needs to have to fulfill, no matter how you cut it.

    • My issue isn’t with her approach to mothering – in fact, like I actually said in the article itself, if she mothered like this all the time with this level of discipline/no bullshit, then I’d think it’s great. My point is that she seems to be ramping it up for TV cameras when most of her time is spent forcing the kids to do TV interviews and looking for her next opportunity to be a star.