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Charlize Theron strips down for ‘Esquire’, remains hot

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Charlize Theron is hot, right? We love her – she’s intelligent, she’s a good actress, she seems like she has a good sense of humour. Sure, she’s inexplicably into Sean Penn, but love is love, right? I guess?

In the new issue of Esquire UK, Charlize stripped down and got sexy for Terry Richardson (WHY HIM? WHY?) for a cover story in which she talks about how good life is as an unmarried lady and how she’s doing things her own way, which is awesome. Here’s a great quote:

“If you’re asking me then, yeah, my life is really good.”

Who would say it wasn’t?

“I’m sure some people would be like, ‘I would never want to have that life.’”

Why would they say that? You have an enviable life.

“Oh, I’m sure there’s a lot of aspects to my life that a lot of people wouldn’t want.”

What aspects?

“Just personal choice things. Like the fact that I’m single at 38. That’s not necessarily what a lot of women want.”

But you’re not single.

“I mean unmarried. But I’m just saying, a life is good if it’s the life that you want.”

Is this the life that you want?

“Yeah, it is. I am living my life in a way that if tomorrow it ended – and I hope not because I have a kid – but if it did, this was the life that I really wanted to live. But I work at that, you know?”

She stops again, fixes me with a look. “Here’s the one thing I’ll give you. If you do go through any severe trauma, if you are put in a situation where you understand that it very easily could have gone the other way, you realize very quickly the value of life. That becomes very, very clear.”

Good for Charlize for saying a hearty “Fuck that!” to society’s expectations. Good for her.

But look, I know that’s not what you’re here for. You want the sexy pics. Indeed, you shall have them. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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  • she is the most naturally gorgeous woman on the planet – who, from everything I’ve ever read – is quite down to earth (friends who met her doing PR confirm.) she leaves everyone else in the dust.