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Jessica Simpson is skinny again and shilling pregnancy tests

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson‘s fluctuating weight has been a subject of media scrutiny for years – and in fact, it seems to be the only thing keeping her relevant when it comes to the public eye whatsoever. It’s a shame, really, and she seems genuinely sweet (if not the smartest chicken in the sea). But now we can all stop panicking, because she’s skinny again! AND she’s trying to get you to use Clear Blue pregnancy tests… something she probably has some personal experience with, given that she has two little ones of her own.

The above photo popped up on Jessica’s Instagram page this week, and was captioned with “If I’m in a bathing suit I should pose proudly” – right on! I’m not sure I understand why she’s got the golf club, but hey, let’s just go with it. She looks great and obviously feels great, so good for her.

She also started posting her sponsored stuff for Clear Blue on her Twitter page earlier this month, encouraging women to enter some competition the company is throwing to win $5,000. Kendra Wilkinson and Melissa Rycroft have done the same for Clear Blue in the past, so who knows if this was a one-time thing or an ongoing relationship. Given that Jessica is already affiliated with Weight Watchers, she must be racking up some serious dough on endorsement deals!

Weird. Here, let’s have a palette cleanser of another bathing suit pic, shall we?

jessica simpson 2

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  • She looks amazing and super strong. Her legs looks great with muscle definition. I think we should focus on that rather than just dropping weight.

    Regrading clear blue. Every famous person sponsors something here and there. They are advertisements all the time.

  • I love Jessica but this pic makes her look like some desperate old cougar. Her thighs look like they belong on an old woman. eeew. With a rack like hers you have to show big cleavage.