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Quotables: Jessica Simpson is Adorable, Talks Parenting

photo of jessica simpson and baby maxwell pictures

“I think that we can easily put expectations on our children just by comparing them to other children. I obviously want to know that my daughter is healthy, that I’m doing the right thing in taking care of her and she’s getting all the nutrients that she needs. But, I think that as parents, we do a lot of comparing and we don’t really focus on our child in their own individuality. Taking away all the comparisons is a really healthy way to parent — and not focus on the percentiles and all that kind of stuff. I think all moms just want to make sure that they’re doing everything right, especially first-time moms. You’re going into it really not knowing what to expect even though there’s books written on it and you can try and get all the information you can. You really don’t know until you have them in your arms and you take them home — what choices and decisions you’re actually going to be faced with every day. … I don’t have a nanny in the day, but we did have a night nurse in the beginning, and it’s really helped me stay sane. Anybody that can be there [helps] — even if it’s a relative who can help you so you can sleep in the first couple weeks of being home from the hospital. You have much more of a clear head. It’s really hard in the beginning and nobody can prepare you for it. But I really did get lucky: Maxwell is able to sleep through the night!”

So, see? She’s not the old “chicken of the sea” that we’ve come to know and love (and harangue). She’s a well-spoken, centered woman with a real sense of self and what it is to be a mom. And I don’t think I could love her any more than I do right in this moment, guys. Forever.

… But just in light of a new, happy Jess, let’s revisit that “chicken of the sea” thing, shall we?:

God. Isn’t Nick Lachey such a Class-D douchebag?

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  • She’s the least “adorable” woman I can think of; bland, blonde Uncle Tom. Oh yeah, all you parents out there who had night nurses, raise your hands! She hasn’t got idea one in that pea brain of hers about what most new parents deal with and probably never will.

  • nick is definitely NOT a douche in this clip. Its more of, “I can’t believe you said that”. I once had a gf that was dumb like her and that was the constant feeling that I had

  • I’m so confused as to why popping out a baby has made this chick relevant again. And so now she’s some big parenting expert? Is she going to get a mommy talk show where she shares her vast wisdom about parenting and losing weight?