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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


Dita Von Teese nails it again.

Welcome back to another edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s last week’s. This week we’ve got some Dita Von Teese for you, as well as a wax-looking John Travolta, so you be sure to enjoy that.

Go through all the looks and make your picks for who had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! My selections are, as always, at the bottom. Note: we got a lot of contenders for worst look, so have extra fun figuring that out.


Angie Harmon is a beautiful woman but this is a heinous dress, sorry, Angie.


Bellamy Young of Scandal usually nails it, but this is pretty bad. It’s just an ugly dress and it doesn’t flatter her stellar figure.



I feel like Cara Delevingne kinda phoned this one in. Does she ever not look amazing, though? Except…that hair…I don’t know, guys, I think she missed it this time.



Cheryl Cole brings the drama. Oh my God, I hate those shoes so much with this gown. Totally cuts off her rockin bod.



I feel like Christina Hendricks still doesn’t know how to dress for her figure. This is so matronly. Except I do love the wrap-style top — very flattering. So maybe she has some idea.



Dakota Fanning in something that’s going to divide people. Personally, I like the jumpsuit, but I like anything that reminds me of David Bowie.



Diane Kruger in Holy Legs, Batman! I like this.



And here’s Dita again — at the airport. Yup, she goes full-on vintage-style even while traveling, and God bless her. Love this look.



Here’s Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler at the Germany premiere of their latest crapfest film. They both look sloppy, but I think his look is practically unacceptable. I get that he’s Adam Sandler, so I’m not saying he has to wear a tux, but does he really have to dress like George Costanza’s dad?



Heidi Klum looks goddess-like as always. I worry she’s getting a little too thin though. But anyway, as for the gown, I love it — she really pulls off this shimmery satiny gown.



Helena Bonham Carter at the BAFTA television awards. I mean, what do you want, it’s HBC. It’s gonna be kooky and off.



Jennifer Lopez looks incredible but this dress is so dated to me — it feels very late ’90s/early ’00s.



I think Jessica Chastain just won the whole week with this Grecian Goddess look. Fabulous color and draping. Love it.



Here you go, as promised, a wax-looking John Travolta with wife Kelly Preston. I don’t like her dress and I’m just confused about why he looks the way he does. Too many fillers?



Katharine McPhee. I want to like this dress, but I can’t get behind the awkward crocheted sleeves, or the clunky shoes for that matter.



Kylie Minogue. Can I just say, I cannot believe this woman is 45. I hope I look this good when I’m…tomorrow.



Marion Cotillard in a very short dress. I love the dress and I love it paired with the boots, but I haaaaaaate the hair.



Milla JovovichThis reminds me of Studio 54, and in mostly a good way.



Patricia Arquette. This is pretty bad. It’s like a dour Mad Men secretary look, and the hemline hits her at the worst place — it should be right above the knee, or to the floor, but at this length it’s just awkward.



Pharrell Williams isn’t done with his stupid hats, and now we have a stupid jacket to go with it. I guess you could say I’m not…happy about this look. (YYYEEAAAAHHHH!!!!)



So here’s Sarah Jessica Parker looking totally cute, except for one thing — she was leaving the White House. Is this not a little too casual for that kind of thing? Even if she was just taking a tour (which she wasn’t), you’re really gonna go with rolled up jeans and sneakers to visit the White House? Come on, SJP.



Sharon Stone — what the hell.



Here’s Taylor Schilling of Orange is the New Black. I think it’s kind of a mess, and I don’t like the pointy toes.



And finally, Tea Leoni, in something so meh, I’m not sure why I even bothered to include it.

Time to make your picks! Here are mine:

BEST: Jessica Chastain
WORST: Angie Harmon
WTF: Sharon Stone

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  • Loved the Seinfeld reference. Adam Sandler totally looked like George Costanza’s father!

  • Oh Milla!! Forever a knockout. Helena Bonham Carter looks surprisingly “normal”. Aaaaand no doubt Dita’s getting flown to some exotic place to sit on an old dude’s dick for money. Y’all best believe she’s still hookin’.