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Angie Harmon

Monsters vs. Aliens Premiere

Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon at the Monsters vs. Aliens Premiere

Sunday’s Monsters vs Aliens premiere was a veritable who’s who of people you’re not supposed to be attracted to, but probably are.
There were a few who walked the red (or rather, blue) carpet that would be considered mainstream-acceptably hot (Kiefer Sutherland, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon). But there were just as many celebrities about whom many of you have probably had the occasional raunchy dream, but were too embarrassed to tell anyone. I can tell you from my own dreams that Seth Rogen is very gentle and Hugh Laurie’s beard tickles. Rainn Wilson and Jack Black are on a few of your lists, I’m sure. Hell, maybe some of you are even attracted to that big, blue, animated blob.

Personally,  I love Reese’s dress. But I can also see how some people would think it looks like scraps of Christmas wrapping paper sewn together.

The Oscars Are Starting!


So far they just have pics of the “tv personalities” up so I will leave the massive gown post to Beet or Wendie. In the meantime, here are some red carpet pics from last nights Pre-Oscar Dinner at Chateau Marmont. 

Angie Harmon = Gorilla Shoulders. ‘Nuff said. 

Jaime King = Shiny does not equal formal. This looks like one of Blanche Devereaux’ sexy time ensembles. Your hair looks very lush and nourished though. 

Debra Messing = Not everyone is blessed in the mammary region, which is fine, but in the space of one outfit you’ve taken away your waist and given yourself cankles thus making yourself a          rectangle in black tutu. Not good. 

Julianne Moore = Just Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 

Although Dita Von Teese is giving magnificent face I think I will have to award best overall to Camilla Belle and her prodigious brows. Dita ruined it with the velvet shower curtain thing she’s wearing. 

A New Look

Um … it took me awhile to believe the photo agency on this one, but, yes, that’s actually Rose McGowan, sporting an uncharacteristically … uh … librarian look at a cancer benefit luncheon in Bel Air.

Also there: Perrey Reeves and a preggers Angie Harmon, who has somehow managed to have skinnier arms while pregnant than I have ever had in my entire life, including pre-pubescence. How is that possible?

Everything Is Really Boring Right Now

Guess who’s having her third child? Angie Harmon! With Jason Sehorn! Who, by the way, I ran into in a parking garage in Beverly Hills once years ago, and we all three arrived at the valet station at the same time, and they were like “You go first” and based on that experience I am certain that they both love me very much. However, this is still boring.

Also, Tom Arnold does a lot of cocaine. Wait, what? That’s not news, you say? Oh, okay, well how about this: His third divorce was finalized on Wednesday. That’s not really news, either? Okay, last try: He has to pay this chick $15K/month for the next 25 months. Yeah, that’s right. Tom Arnold has $15K a month to spare. Now that’s news to me.

Still not entertained?

The picture above? Is of the drunk and newly un-engaged Shayne Lamas from The Bachelor. Later that night, she bent over a little too far and someone got a killer shot of her bare ass. It’s after the jump (and NSFW). Don’t say I never do anything nice for you.

[via Defamer]

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