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What the hell did Kanye West get Kim Kardashian for Mother’s Day?

kim kardashian

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US, and since Kanye West is apparently the “best fiancé ever” (Kim Kardashian‘s words, not mine), he got her… a wall of roses. Yeah, I don’t get it, either.

It’s nice and all – flowers are pretty. But is this something I’m just not getting because I’m not filthy rich with more money than sense? What the hell is the purpose of a rose wall? Just to sit there and look nice? At least if you have a vase of roses or something, you can display them in your house and spread them around. What the hell can you do with this piece of shit?

Also, side note: Kanye isn’t too clever, is he? Don’t forget, he already got her 1,000 roses for Valentine’s Day. Change up your repertoire, my man.

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  • Roses eh ?? Well that makes more sense than what I first thought. I thought what’s the hell is with the Huge Rice cracker ??

  • I hate getting flowers. It just seems like such a waste. I’d rather enjoy them outside than in a vase, to be honest.