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Jason Derulo Gave Jordin Sparks 10,000 Roses for Valentine’s Day

jason derulo jordin sparks

I love love as much as the next person, but 10,000 roses? COME ON! Jason Derulo wanted to show just how much he loves longtime girlfriend Jordin Sparks, so for Valentine’s Day, he literally sent 10,000 pink roses to her home (hotel room? hard to tell) to surprise her. Sure, I guess that’s “romantic”, but if that was me, I’d have asked why we couldn’t have spent the money on something better… like, say, 10,000 donuts or 10,000 slices of pizza. But, you know, that’s just me.

What do you think of the gesture? Romantic or tacky?

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  • For being ten times as many roses as Kim Kardashian got, it doesn’t even begin to bother me a tenth as much.

  • Wasn’t this chicky outspoken about being a virgin til marriage? Either she gave it up and she’s got that “stingray coochy” (LOL @ Workaholics!), or dude’s still trying SO hard to hit it. Gotta be the latter of the 2…

  • I’m So impressed with his overwhelming romance.
    Roses are.75 cents in bulk but why would anyone put a price on her own love. Her gift of 100,000 roses.
    I think your a very lucky women and men just don’t do these things anymore. There very boring men.
    If you have a great bestfriend husband or a new boyfriend that’s so amazingly in every way, keep him close. Love everything about every day and moment’s like this. Remember them and just love with all you have! The little things in life are so important. Love this picture. Roses