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Met Gala 2014 Fashion Post!

The Olsen twins, looking positively chilling.

The Olsen twins, looking positively chilling.

Welcome to the Met Gala 2014 fashion post! Last years was punk themed. This year it’s a salute to Charles James, a British fashion designer. This ball is known for over-the-top gowns and fashions, so keep that in mind when you go through the looks and make your votes for who was BEST, WORST, and WTF.

Sadly, the crop top trend continues.


Allison Williams looks gorgeous and yet somehow, utterly boring.


I think Amy Adams has waaaay too severe a hairstyle for this gown. It would have looked beautiful with flowing Veronica Lake-style locks. But I’m being picky, I know.



Anna Wintour. Uhhh not into this.



Let’s throw a dude in here. Bradley Cooper, who I think looks like some sort of Civil War general on his dapper night out.



Chrissy Tiegen in something of a disaster. Not too terrible, but not too great.



David and Victoria Beckham. I’m sorry but her thinness is distracting. It’s like an additional accessory. He looks great.



Diane Kruger went pretty demure, considering her usual tastes and the occasion. It’s a lovely gown but nothing we haven’t really seen before.



Dita Von Teese. Now here’s something we haven’t seen before, but does it work?



This dress does no favors to the lovely Elizabeth OlsenIt makes her look a little frumpy. Usually dresses get worse the more you scroll down; this one gets worse the more you scroll up.



What a fun gown on Emmy Rossum! What’s with all the slicked back hair though?



Greta Gerwig is so good at finding bad dresses.



Hailee Steinfeld‘s gown has a train AND pockets! I’m on board.



Also rocking a flower printed gown is Hayden Panettiere. I like Ms. Rossum’s better. This is nice though. Just “nice”.



The Gyllenhaals, Jake and MaggieWow, they both look awful.



Here’s Jay Z and Beyoncé. Gotta say, I’d have to be drunk to be in love with what Bey is wearing. Baddum bum!



Jessica Paré. It’s very nice. I wish she would have taken a bigger risk, but after her misstep at last year’s Met Gala, I could see why she wouldn’t.



Kim Kardashian. Definitely better than the couch she wore last year.



Kristen Stewart looks so unhappy, and paired with this playful silly-ass dress, I wanna laugh until I cry. What even is this.



Lena Dunham. Sorry, not into this mullet dress at all.


Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o pulls off playful really well. It’s a bit costum-y for my tastes, but then again, it’s pretty much a costume ball.



Marion Cotillard. What a cool dress. And neat weird heels, too. Hate the hair.



Michelle Williams is way too underdressed for this thing.


nicole-richie-side nicole-ritchie

Nicole Richie in “this definitely looks better from the side.”



Rachel McAdams in easily the most boring gown we’ve seen all night.



Reese Witherspoon. Again, this is fine. She looks fantastic. It’s just kind of there.



Rihanna went with a crop top. Ugh. She looks killer, but a crop top? Really?



Rita Ora. Is she your pick for WORST or WTF? If so, then may I present to you…


sandra-lee-back sandra-lee

Miss “celebrity chef” Sandra Lee. There’s over the top fabulousness and then there’s exaggerated Disney princess costume. Guess which one I think this is?


sarah-jessica-parker sarah+jessica+parker+back

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s gown is also over-the-top, but it works. It’s got elegance to it. I have to say though, I hate hate hate what she did with her hair. Not loving the gloves either.



Sarah Silverman also went big, but I gotta say, I just don’t think this kind of shape flatters her.



Selena Gomez looks amazing in a pretty basic dress.



Here’s Suki WaterhouseBradley Cooper’s child bride girlfriend. I really like this.



Taylor Swift kind of disappointed me here. This gown fits her beautifully but it’s a little childlike, and I hate what she did to her hair. Maybe next year.



Zoe Saldana in “you cannot possibly be serious with this.”



Anne Hathaway also went with a crop top, bleh. I feel like she’s trying to dress/look like Jennifer Lawrence. Anyone else?



Finally, Zooey Deschanel looks beautiful, I just wish she took more of a risk.


GUYS THIS WAS HARD, IT WAS HARD FOR ME TO CHOOSE A “BEST”. But here are my picks, now give me yours!

BEST: Suki Waterhouse
WORST: Sandra Lee
WTF: The Gyllenhaals

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  • Sorry, but with all the fierce posing going on I just can’t take V. Beckham seriously.
    I love the Gyllenhaals, I hate Jay Z and his wife. (I’m talking about outfits AND personalities)

  • Why did no one bother to follow the theme this year? Chicks just slapped on whatever dress they could find, it seems.

    • The “theme” is a salute to Charles James so I don’t know how you can say “nobody followed the theme”? Granted I have no idea who he is I just figured these are either his dresses or they are in some way a salute to his design style. There seemed to be a lot of similar looking dresses in different colors?

      Shockingly for me I thought the “two best” were two ppl I do not like. Kim and Taylor. Beyoncé takes the WTF Lupita and Lena are the worst

  • Best (not shown here) : Ivanka Trump
    Worst: Sandra Lee (little long in the tooth to be a princess fairy!)
    wtf: Lupita Nyong’o (would have been an A+ last year)

  • Anyone care to do some homework? A quick Google search of Charles James maybe? His dresses were like sculptures. He molded fabric to a woman’s shape. Curves, Bubbles, Folds, Tufts, an exposed zipper here, unexpected colors that only show when the wearer walks. Huge ball gowns, structured mermaid gowns, and long trains. He even invented the down bubble coat that we all wear versions of up here in New York winters. Sarah Jessica Parker’s was one of the best representations of his style dress. Have you ever seen a ball gown like hers? That amazing back ladder/trellis design? She did it right. And Dita Von Teese’s mermaid as a representation of his structured large ruffle with unexpected pop of color at the hem. Loved it. (Anyone who’s going to yell at me- go easy. First time commenter)

  • Stacey–I did look him up, sad how his life ended. How about you list best, worst and wtf for us? Welcome from a sometime poster :)