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Oh, ew: James Franco posted a nearly naked selfie on Instagram

james franco

James Franco needs to take his creepy shit down about 1,000 notches. I have no idea what’s wrong with him lately (or, you know, at all) but he’s been so over-the-top with insanity that I am starting to feel like this MUST be performance art or something. Right? … Right?

Welp, he’s really taken it to the next level, as you can see above. That’s right – in the wee hours of the night, James Franco posted a nearly naked selfie (which… barf) on Instagram before deleting it shortly after. Was it a mistake? Was he embarrassed? Did a Rihanna fan report him to Instagram? WHO CAN SAY, but I hope this is burned into your nightmares forever, just as it is in mine.

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