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Lily Allen dressed up like Beyoncé for ‘Drunk In Love’

lily allen

Lily Allen is great. She’s got a great sense of humour, she’s “cheeky” as hell, her music is great… I’m into it (and her new album is amazing, perhaps unsurprisingly). Well, she performed at G-A-Y in London on Saturday night, where she decided to have some fun by dressing up like Beyoncé and lip syncing to ‘Drunk In Love’.

Apparently she had buckets of water thrown over her while some dude stood in for Jay-Z and she danced around for the entire length of the song. It reads awkward, sure… and it actually probably was to witness, as well, but WHATEVER because I still think Lily is excellent. She sure ain’t no Beyoncé, though (and I think that was probably the point).

lily allen 2

Oh wait, there’s video!

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  • She’s desperately trying to stay relevant by copying black people. First Kanye then Beyoncé. She was cute at the beginning even though she affected that working class accent when she’s a rich girl, but this is just cringeworthy. The songs might be good but the whole mise-en-scene is just CRINGE.