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Justin Bieber high fived his friends after egging his neighbor’s house

justin bieber

Well, the fun just continues here, doesn’t it? Remember how Justin Bieber egged his neighbour’s house a few months back, apparently causing $20,000 worth of damage and possibly gaining a felony charge on his growing record? Well, police are adding to the story against him, claiming that he was all amped up and went around high-fiving his friends after tossing the eggs. I’m not sure what that proves, other than the fact that he’s an asshole immature kid, but okay, let’s go with it!

From People:

A search warrant affidavit, in which he’s called “Suspect Bieber,” alleges the pop star is captured on a security camera heading toward the neighbor’s house last January, then returning to his own driveway rejoicing with his pals.

“He was approached by the group of males, some of whom Suspect Bieber is observed ‘high-fiving,'” writes Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Ginni Alvarez in the affidavit. “Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating.”

Apparently he wasn’t actually seen holding eggs, but come on, you know he did that shit. How this is going to make a difference to the court, however, is beyond me. So he high-fived his friends after egging a house? Seems about right, and last I checked, not a criminal act in and of itself. Are they trying to show that he’s more of an asshole than people realize? Seriously, message received on that one.

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