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Oops, Cops Found Cocaine In Plain Sight at Justin Bieber’s House

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Justin Bieber is in a bit of hot water (again), this time over allegedly throwing a ton of eggs at his neighbour’s house, causing thousands of dollars worth of damages to the fancy Venetian tiling and whatever else rich people have on the outside of their houses. Justin could actually be charged with felony vandalism here, which is why cops were anxious to find some evidence either way and headed over to his house for a search yesterday.

Police seized days worth of security footage from Justin’s cameras, which apparently capture every possible angle of things outside and should show what exactly happened. They were also looking for eggs, which seems more like it’s evidence of breakfast than throwing them at the neighbour’s house, but this kid is a prick and has been fighting with this neighbour for ages, so you know he did it.

In any case, that’s not even the big news! They came looking for eggs and what they found was SO MUCH MORE: a nice bit of cocaine. Ha! Just sitting there out in the open. Bieber’s little rapper friend Lil Za was arrested and sent to prison with a $20,000 bail set (which still hasn’t been paid), but uh… LOL to people who think those drugs weren’t Bieber’s (or both of theirs, whatever). Lil Za lives in Bieber’s house when he’s not there, but Bieber IS around, and he’s a little piece of shit thug who thinks smoking weed and acting like an asshole makes him hard, so no doubt he’s snorting coke and feeling like Superman.

From TMZ:

Eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars descended on Bieber’s house this morning to execute a search warrant in connection with Bieber’s egg-throwing incident last week outside his neighbor’s home … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources tell us … deputies are looking for any evidence that links Bieber to the egg assault.

We’re told this is a FELONY search warrant — meaning Justin is under a microscope for a crime that could land him in prison.

It is my dream in this life, in this great country of America, that I will live to see the day that Justin Bieber ends up in prison and/0r convicted of felonies – preferably both. He is the most arrogant, awful little shit going right now (tied with Chris Brown), and he needs to be knocked down several pegs. Perhaps literally. What kills me is that Bieber was there when they found the cocaine and they didn’t arrest his ass, too. IT’S HIS HOUSE! But then, I suppose that’s why you “hire” a friend like Lil Za. Let him drive your car and stay in your house and then when you get caught out for some bullshit, he has to take the fall.

From BBC Newsbeat:

Speaking to Newsbeat, Steve Whitmore from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said: “There were about eight people at the residence, they were detained.

“Justin Bieber was there as well. He was also detained, not arrested.

“The alleged narcotics were in such a location that they were directly related to one person and not related to the house at large.”

Oh fuck off. That’s bullshit and everyone knows it.

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  • I always heard that if a certain amount of coke was found in your house that the house would be ceased. I sure hope the twerp goes to jail… Sick to death of his shit. That picture of him peeing into a mop bucket in a restaurant was the final straw for me. Little prick.

  • NOW can we please DEPORT HIM?!?!?! if it were your average joe “visa carrying non-citizen” we would…why should he be any different??

  • It’s so funny that Lil Za or whatever his name is was arrested again in jail for vandalism – smashing someone’s phone against the wall. Punky little twerps.

  • so the black kid goes to jail…even though its beibers house and bought with beibers money? so noone else sees this?