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Ronan Farrow Still Claims Woody Allen Molested His 7-Year-Old Sister

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Woody Allen was lavished with praise at the Golden Globes on Sunday night as Diane Keaton went on a drunken speech about how wonderfully genius he is. Allen was receiving the Cecil B. Demille award for outstanding cinematic achievements, but he couldn’t be bothered to turn up because, oh, Woody just doesn’t like awards shows and all the hullabaloo surrounding them. It interferes with his creativity! Eh, fuck off.

In any case, the festivities over Woody weren’t so well-received by his ex-partner of 13 years, Mia Farrow, and her son (and possibly Frank Sinatra’s!!!!) Ronan, who still claim that Woody molested Mia’s adopted daughter Dylan when she was only 7 years old. Mia first made the claims in an lengthy interview with Vanity Fair last year, and Ronan is now backing up her story… on Twitter.

Is Woody Allen a child molester? Hard to say for sure, but I do think he has tendencies towards pedophilia and is a bit of a mess. And don’t forget that this is a guy who took naked pictures of his adopted daughter and then started a relationship with her. I also think artistically he’s incredibly overrated. Is he prolific? For sure. But fucked up people can make good art sometimes – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Do you think this is credible?

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  • I think that Mia Farrow is a bitter ex and that her children are alienated by her. The story about Dylan came out AFTER Mia found about Soon Yi photos. If the story that VF told was true, why had Mia neglected to protect the girl? She claims to have know before/during anything happened, but stayed with him and after the breakup she left the girl alone with him. The case went to trial and was dropped. Even a doctor said that Dylan’s testimony had several inconsistencies (

    And if that’s not enough for you, Mia Farrow spoke against child abuse and “all abused survivors”, which can’t possible include Polanski’s victim (you should read all the things that he’d done to her), whom she has always support.

    Mia and Ronan Farrow are pure bullshitnes and lies.

  • Soon-Yi was not his adopted daughter.

    As much as the age difference is kind of creepy, I’m surprise no one makes a big deal of Celine Dion / René Angélil couple, they begin to hookup “officially” together when she was 19.

    I found it it so tacky to do dirty laundry like on Twitter. Sue him, give him a real trial, but this whining really, don’t elevate anyone.

    Plus for the tribute, is it also Woody Allen fault, when we all know he doesn’t give a shit about awards? Should Hollywood not celebrate him when he didn’t unlike Polanski have a police record and it’s all speculations?

  • So why are they dragging it up now?

    It seems very selfish of Ronan to drag his sister (Dylan) back into the public eye and make her relive the abuse and trauma again.

  • It doesn’t matter to the showbiz crowd what he does or doesn’t do as long as he gives them a part in one of his films. Same goes for Polanski. Allen has shown in his movies and in real life he likes ’em young.

    • Isn’t it sad that you are completely correct—it seems–? People value their bank accounts and status more than a child’s safety? Or anyone’s.

      Ugh. Disgusting.

  • This is one of those stories that leaves me feeling icky and unsure about what I feel. I mean, I don’t know—can I separate the person from their actions? If you’re a really good lawyer, but a crummy husband…if you are a talented artist, but a wife beater…? That seems wrong. I don’t know that I can or should separate these things………

    I’ve enjoyed a number of Woody’s films, and once upon a time while living in NYC, I used to fantasize that he would “discover” me and I’d be his next Diane Keaton…
    but as these stories emerged, or as I caught wind of them, I began to drift from such thinkings, and rarely do I see his films anymore. I feel badly—if he is a molester…I don’t want to put a dime in his pocket!

    But…I don’t know. I certainly won’t ever know the truth, so if one of his films interests me, is it stupid to boycott it because he MIGHT be a pedophile?

    My stomach and conscience seem to sit better where I just ignore his existence, I suppose.

    • Legal Ease….I absolutely agree with you! The fact that there are some people attacking Mia and her son,Dylan for his fascination with little girls is appalling to me! I am a victim of abuse and was never believed and even belittled for bringing it up…it sickens me that men like this are given the benefit if the doubt! He married the adopted daughter he helped raise for Pete’s sake! It is meaningless in the big scheme of things but I refuse to watch anything he produces, directs or performs in. He will get his in the end…it sucks for him!

  • Since it came out that Mia’s brother was convicted of molesting at least two boys around the same time as Woody was accused (but never charged), I’m thinking it was John Villers Farrow who molested Mia’s little girl & not Woody. Since John Farrow was sentenced to 10 yrs in prison more victims came forward, but if I recall, the statute had expired. I think Mia was so angry that she brainwashed Ronan & Dillon to say it was Woody.

  • Evan: I think your post is one of the strangest I’ve read in a long time. Yes, tis true that John Farrow was tried and convicted for molesting children but unless you have a close relationship to the Farrow’s (doubtful) than you have absolutely no idea if he abused Mia’s children-you’re just tossing it out there which is irresponsible and ignorant.
    I agree with the other posters who feel ambivalent boycotting Woody’s films as he was never proven guilty in a court of law. Based on my reading about the case, he sure seems guilty and the reasons the court and family didn’t proceed are complex and personal. Additionally, Woody never adopted Soon Yi but he was present as a father figure for the larger part of her childhood making the whole relationship pretty sick and depraved. What’s amazing to me is that the two of them were able to adopt 2 little girls.

  • It would be highly unlikely that a woman would keep up a charade that her mother conjured up . Most children do not come to terms with this trauma until their mid 30s to 40s. Chances are in fact she would be livid with her mother instead for making her lie. These incidents are indelibly carved into memory vividly and distinctly!!!! She would definitely not confuse woody from her uncle. It simply wouldn’t happen!