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Farrah Abraham’s book on the sex tape industry is causing trouble already

farrah abrham

Farrah Abraham, everyone’s least favourite Teen Mom who just WON’T GO AWAY, used the porn industry to try desperately to get attention and money. She’s had minimal success with bearing her asshole on camera, and her next move is to “write” a book about all the secrets the sex tape industry holds.

Unfortunately, it’s not going so well so far. Turns out Vivid, the production company that funded both of her pornos, has put out a gag order on this whole thing as they don’t want their inside info going out to the public.

From TMZ:

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch has a lot to lose if Farrah blabs about how the porn company courts and signs celeb talent.  Hirsch believes his trade secrets are worth millions … but only if they remain secret.

Farrah’s book — “Celebrity Sex Tape” — is loosely based on her experience in the porn biz which ended in “Back Door Teen Mom.”

We’re told Hirsch worries Farrah could blow the lid on the way her tape was made with porn star James Deen.  It was marketed as a sex tape, but it’s pretty apparent it was Hirsch’s brainchild.

In Hirsch’s letter … he notes Farrah signed a confidentiality agreement and she can’t hide behind thinly-veiled fiction.

LOL to all of this. Who’s even going to buy her book to begin with? Literally, who’s the consumer we’re aiming for here? I can’t think of anything I’d like to read about less than how she decided to do anal for a paycheck, to be honest.

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