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Big Sean and Naya Rivera are getting nasty… and not how you think!

naya rivera big sean

Big Sean and Naya Rivera were always a weird ass couple. I said this when they announced their engagement and I stick by that now. Well, obviously this wedding is never happening and the whole thing has been called off, which is no surprise. What is somewhat surprising (well, okay, it’s not really) is how nasty shit is getting between the two of them, apparently over some stolen jewelry Naya thinks Sean stole because she’s so much richer than him?

Sean’s rep announced today that Sean had called off their engagement and wedding … but insisted “recent rumors and accusations” had nothing to do with the breakup — a reference to reports claiming he cheated.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … the cheating rumors are 100% false and that Sean actually made the decision to call of the wedding weeks ago. We’re told he thought Naya was too controlling and too jealous of the women he worked with and met on tour.

The “Glee” star took to Twitter today to accuse BS of thievery … claiming he stole a pricey Rolex watch from her.  But sources tell us the watch was Sean’s in the first place — he bought it for himself when he became successful. We’re told Sean gave it to Naya to wear … but it was never hers to keep.

She’s since deleted the tweet in question, but here it is:


SMH. Stay classy, C-list famous people.

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