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Paula Patton still isn’t ready to take Robin Thicke back

robin thicke paula patton

Oh God, will these two just get on with it already? Paula Patton finally got her shit together and got enough self-respect to get rid of her walking erection of a husband, Robin Thicke, earlier this year. Then he started crying about it on stage, then she said maybe she’d get back with him and apparently we’re still at that same impasse. Paula still isn’t ready to file for divorce, but she sure as shit doesn’t want him back just yet.

From TMZ:

Sources close to Paula tell TMZ … Robin has not been convincing enough for her to bring him back into her life. We’re told Paula is saying the same thing she’s said since she threw in the towel late last month — that he needs to prove he can be a good husband.

Robin has begged for forgiveness in concerts, on TMZ, and privately, but we’re told she’s spending a lot of time thinking but she has absolutely not decided to give the marriage another try.

On the other hand … we’re told she still has not met with a divorce lawyer and has made no decision to file legal docs.

So… basically it’s countdown until they get back together.

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