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Paula Patton Might Get Back Together with Robin Thicke

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Nothing like telling a man you’re through with him after letting him cheat on your for years, only to then be open to reconciliation as long as he stays away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi long enough to prove his loyalty to you. Then, once you’re back together, he can back to the same shit he’s been doing for the past several decades! That’s what I’m talking about – and that’s exactly what’s happening with Robin Thicke and Paula Patton.

From TMZ:

Here’s the good news for Robin.  Although she TOLD him she wanted a divorce, she hasn’t hired a divorce lawyer yet and she’s open to reconciliation.

BUT … before she takes him back, Robin has to prove his loyalty to her … by his actions.  She’s keeping tabs on him at his concerts, watching who he hangs with, which parties he attends — especially the after parties — and what photos surface.

We’re told Paula knows photogs have their cameras trained on Robin, and she views the paparazzi are her private detectives.

Oh, brother. I was just getting a little self-respect for Paula Patton, and she’s going to GO BACK to this shit? Sure, this may just be conjecture, but seriously… how dumb is she?

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  • Ya know, marriage and life are hard. They’ve been together for so long and there are many things we don’t and shouldn’t know about their marriage. It’s really not our business to judge from a bystanders perspective and say what they should and shouldn’t do. Perhaps she’s stepped out on him in the past, or maybe they’ve had an open marriage, or maybe she’s just been incredibly embarrassed by his wandering dick syndrome. I don’t know, but saying what she should and shouldn’t do is a little much. If she’s happy, then whatever floats her boat.

    On the other hand, I find him incredibly douchey looking and wouldn’t trust him. He just looks like he’s got several STD’s floating around in that penis of his.