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Why did Kate Winslet give son Bear the middle name “Blaze”?

kate winslet ellen

Well, the answer is far more literal than you might think. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs today, Kate Winslet discussed the motivation for naming her third child Bear Blaze Winslet, which is… insane, you have to admit.

Turns out, “Blaze” came from the fact that she and husband (and Bear’s father) Ned Rocknroll met during a fire on Necker Island at Ned’s uncle, Richard Branson’s house back in 2011. So… that’s that.

Kate also talks about surviving her first earthquake (during which she pumped breast milk, apparently) and the fact that she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – a picture from which you can see below. Is Kate Winslet ever NOT beautiful? I mean, damn.

kate winslet

You can watch most of Kate’s interview on Ellen’s show below:

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